Are You Effectively Addressing Vendor Risk Management? Part 3

09.25.2012 by VioPoint Blogger

To close out my series on Vendor Risk Management I will discuss the closing, validation, and continuous assessment processes. These are important to ensure you are continually validating and assessing your organization’s relationships.  As time goes ... [Read more...]

Vendor Risk Management Part 2 – The Assessment Phase: The What, How and How Bad

08.01.2012 by VioPoint Blogger

I often get asked, "What is actually involved when performing a vendor risk assessment?" My answer is usually, “do you want the long or the short version?” In an attempt not to bore the reader I will just give you the short version. [Read more...]

Are You Effectively Addressing Vendor Risk Management?

06.21.2012 by VioPoint Blogger

As organizations have an ever increasing need to push their Information Technology programs to be better, faster, and more flexible, they have begun utilizing traditional outsourcing as well as cloud-based technologies and services to enhance and ... [Read more...]

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