Sighting in a Pentest

03.17.2014 by VioPoint Blogger

I scope a fair number of pentests every year and perform even more. Every organization has their own reason for having a penetration test performed. Compliance requirements, a new production environment, a change in ownership, or just to gain a ... [Read more...]

Top Mitigation Strategies

02.26.2013 by VioPoint Blogger

There’s no doubt that several of our security peers here in the United States write some fantastic blogs, provide valuable guidance and overall are truly helping to advance our field. However, if you look hard enough, you’ll find incredibly valuable ... [Read more...]

Raising Children Is Like Managing an Information Security Program? Who Knew?

02.06.2013 by VioPoint Blogger

I am always trying to think about ways to convey to people what it’s like to manage a security program; and after having my second daughter I thought about the similarities between creating and managing a security program and being a parent. [Read more...]

"Into the Breach" Post-Mortem

10.10.2012 by VioPoint Blogger

As SecureWorld 2012 wrapped up here in the Detroit area, I couldn’t help but think about many of the common elements that existed in several of the presentations, keynotes and panels this year.  I had the pleasure to speak on a panel entitled “Into ... [Read more...]

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