What I have learned in my first year of Cyber Security: Part Two- Projects & Programs

12.13.2016 by VioPoint Blogger

I hope everyone that had a chance to read my part one blog enjoyed it and gained a little extra knowledge. As I mentioned, part two is going to be focused on the difference between projects and programs. When I say projects and programs I want to ... [Read more...]

Security Project Management - Benefits of Experience

10.28.2016 by Mike Pokas

Over the course of the last several years, I have been involved in the planning, development, implementation and assessment of cyber security strategies both internally and externally.  During one fairly recent client engagement of this type, we ... [Read more...]

Risk and the Triple Constraint

09.25.2015 by VioPoint Blogger

In terms of Project Management, a risk is anything that can potentially impact the success of a project. A project is considered to have been successful if it completed on (or ahead of) schedule, on (or under) budget, and when all requirements were ... [Read more...]

The Happy Median Of Project Management

03.06.2015 by VioPoint Blogger

Who's working for who? As a Project Manager for 16 years, I've often asked myself this question. Client interfacing project management can sometimes grey the line between which entities a Project Manager (PM) is actually representing. Of course I ... [Read more...]

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