Companies Struggling with Network Security Monitoring

12.05.2016 by Mike Pokas

Earlier this year a report released by the Ponemon Institute indicated that four out of five businesses lack the required infrastructure and/or security resources with the proper skills required to recognize and defend against incoming ... [Read more...]

The Sky is Falling

05.15.2015 by VioPoint Blogger

We all know the story of Chicken Little, don’t we?  An acorn smacked Chicken Little on the head and he ran around the rest of the book screaming about how the sky is falling.  Sometimes the security industry reminds me of that.  Everyone runs around ... [Read more...]

Incident Response Challenges (Part 2)

04.29.2014 by VioPoint Blogger

Last month I covered one of the three challenges according to the Alien Vault “Building an Effective Framework for Incident Response” infographic. We discussed incident response prioritization which included an image of one of the best NHL players ... [Read more...]

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