Policies – Are You Ready?

07.03.2015 by Jen Fox

Last fall, I wrote about creating relevant policies. In that post, I discussed guidelines addressing strategic focus, accessibility, regulatory context, and organizational maturity. In this post, we’ll discuss the effort required from inside the ... [Read more...]

Don't Sweat Audits Anymore

10.10.2014 by VioPoint Blogger

Why, when technology has sharply increased with the rise of information and technology research, organizations are still not able to pass an audit? It might be a strange form of being saved from audits, but it is called Policy and Compliance in ... [Read more...]

Making One IT Auditor Seem Like Fifty

10.08.2013 by VioPoint Blogger

I worked for a number of years in a medium sized enterprise and watched as frustrated and overworked auditors asked if a finding had been remediated from a previous audit, or requested systems to sample for testing. Not only was this time consuming, ... [Read more...]

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